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Pest and Termite Inspection



In North Carolina, termites, carpenter bees, powder post beetles and other wood destroying insects are active and widespread. It is essential to periodically inspect your home and maintain a pest & termite control program.

Wood destroying insects such as termites typically enter a home through wood that’s in contact with the earth or they build mud tubes on exterior and crawlspace walls to get to the home’s subfloor. These pests can cause structural damage to homes which can result in costly repairs.

Prior to purchasing a home, it’s important to determine if there are active wood destroying insects in the home or evidence of past infestations and damage. An inspection will also let you know if the home has been treated for pests and termites.

For more information on pest control visit the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

First Call Home Inspections can coordinate a pest inspection for your new home using a fully licensed, experienced and trusted pest control company. The service will include an inspection for all types of wood destroying insects; areas usually inspected are garages, storage areas, and crawl spaces.



Pest and termite inspection services are not affiliated with First Call Home Inspections LLC.