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New Construction

First Call Home Inspections can inspect your new home during the construction process. Make sure your builder knows you are getting a home inspection. This may lead to more attention to detail while your home is being built. A professional, independent evaluation is also useful to validate any issues or concerns you want to bring to your builder.

Framing / Pre-Drywall

P1030025New construction home buyers should have a framing / pre-drywall inspection done during the construction process. It is critical to inspect a home’s framework and major components such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical. A pre-drywall inspection will determine if a builder uses sound building practices and can also identify issues early in the building process that may be costly to fix once the home is completed.

Timing is important, a framing / pre-drywall inspection should be performed after municipal building inspectors approve all major work and certify the home meets local code requirements but before insulation and drywall is installed.

First Call Home Inspections has inspected thousands of new homes throughout the Triangle Area and is familiar with local builders and their workmanship.

Final Home Inspection Walk Through / Closing Inspection

Prior to closing, a walk through inspection can identify defective or incomplete items in your home. Don’t assume new homes are perfect. Typically the cost of a walk through inspection is recouped by identifying items that require repairs.

A walk through inspection will include:

  • Structural Components – foundation, framing, attic, crawl space and/or basement
  • Exterior – decks, porches, walkways, trim, siding, doors and windows
  • Roof Systems – roofing materials, flashings, roof drainage
  • Plumbing, electrical systems and heating / cooling systems
  • Interiors – ceilings, walls, flooring, doors, kitchen and bath areas, appliances
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Garages, sheds and outbuildings

End of Warranty / One year Inspection

Many builders offer a builder’s warranty on newly constructed homes. A one year inspection should be performed approximately 30 days prior to the expiration of the builder’s one-year new home warranty. This inspection addresses any warranty-related concerns that you may want to bring to the builder’s attention, and allows time for any necessary repairs before the warranty expires.


If you would like to schedule a new home inspection or have questions about our services please contact us at 919-923-5466.