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Home Inspection

P1090877As a homeowner and owner of investment property, I know that purchasing a home can be the biggest and most satisfying investment a homebuyer or family can make. I keep this in mind when I inspect a home. It’s my job to identify, record, and help buyers understand any findings.

I limit myself to only two inspections a day so I have time to make a detailed assessment of the home and property and have enough time to answer your questions. Some inspectors will schedule three or four inspections in a day; I do not feel this is enough time for most homes.

I will conduct a thorough inspection by meeting and exceeding state and industry standards. I will walk the roof when safe to do so, explore the entire crawlspace, attic and test every major system in the home if possible. You will receive a detailed written report with pictures – usually the next day – outlining each finding and receive a follow-up call to discuss the report.

I inspect homes for both buyers and sellers. Buyers will be informed of the strengths and weaknesses of a property. Sellers can prepare their homes for sale so they can get top dollar for their property.

Your home inspection will include:

  • Structural Components – foundation, framing, attic, crawl space and/or basement
  • Exterior – decks, porches, walkways, trim, siding, doors and windows
  • Roof Systems – roofing materials, flashing, roof drainage
  • Plumbing, electrical systems and heating / cooling systems
  • Interiors – ceilings, walls, flooring, doors, kitchen and bath areas, appliances
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Garages, sheds and outbuildings


If you would like to schedule an inspection or have questions about our services please contact us at 919-923-5466.